These are a selection of my publications and manuscripts. If you would like a copy of one of them, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

(In revision)     The role of stress and word size in Spanish speech segmentation. With Julie Liss, Megan McAuliffe, Visar Berisha, Beatriz Barragan & Ashley Adams.

(In revision)    Longitudinal changes in linguistic complexity in professional athletes at-risk for chronic traumatic encephalopathy. With Visar Berisha, Shuai Wang & Julie Liss.

(In revision)     Expiration-related changes in laryngeal airway aperture modulate tongue muscle motor unit activation. With Fiona Bailey & Peter Watson.

(2016)         A convex model for linguistic influence in group conversations. With Kan Kawabata, Visar Berisha & Anna Scaglione. Proceedings: Interspeech, San Francisco, Sep. 8-12, 498.

(2015)     Tracking discourse complexity preceding Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis: A case study comparing the press conferences of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush. With Visar Berisha, Shuai Wang, & Julie Liss. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (45): 959-963.

(2014)     Khalkha Mongolian speakers’ vowel bias: L1 influences on the acquisition of nonadjacent vocalic dependencies. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience (30): 1033-1047.

(2012)     Non-adjacent phonological dependency effects on Khalkha Mongolian speech perception. Proceedings: West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (29): 143-151.

(2011)     How specialized are specialized corpora? Behavioral evaluation of corpus representativeness for Maltese. With Jerid Francom & Adam Ussishkin. Proceedings: Language Resource evaluation Conference, Malta, May 2010, 421-427.